TwiggyDEVOUR*©... [The Capricorn Child] (twiggydevour) wrote in fake_hair_pix,
TwiggyDEVOUR*©... [The Capricorn Child]

Some latest work of mine..

New to this community, but have over 6yrs dreadmaking experience, So I'm going to show off my lastest work, and not my whole portfolio.. because that's just greedy! ^^
I've added a new style of dreads to my portfolio this year, 'Natural Style' synthetic dreads.. but my other methods are still available if you are interested in orders etc etc

Febuary 2009:
Hot pink and Baby Pink, Layered 'Natural Style' dreads.

Octorber 2009:
Black, Browns, Honey Blonde and Deep Purple, Layered 'Natural style' SE dreads.


Orders are available.. Please contact for a quote.
I do ship Worldwide.
All hair items are made in a Pet/smoke free environment.
Order times vary on type of item being made, supplies and distance of package to be delivered..
on average in UK its 2-4wks
..worldwide its 3-6wks
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