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Fake Hair: Vanity.

Fake hair: the Images.
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Welcome to fake_hair_pix!

A few rules for this community:

1: This is a community for pictures of fake hair. Preferably on heads, of course, since it's sort of hard to see how nice something looks when it's draped over the back of a couch. Any pics will do, though.

2: This is a community for pictures of fake hair only. Got a question as to how someone made something? Ask in a reply to their post, not in a new message. Wondering where to buy a sort of fake hair you saw once on someone in a club somewhere? Google can help.

If you have questions about how to make fake hair, different styles, or want a listing of vendors, please visit one of the two following sites:
* Quinnster's site, the bible for all things fake hair on the internet. Check here first with your questions, since 90% of them can be answered with a touch of patience and a curious eye.
* fakehair, the general, all-purpose fakehair community on LJ.

3: The syntax for posting pix0rs using HTML is: <img src="http://yoururl.com/yourimage.jpg">. It's good to know. Remember that some sites, Yahoo in particular, do not allow remote linking of images. If you have more than one picture in your posts, please put the rest of them behind an lj-cut.

4: Be kind to dialup users. Remember to keep your images somewhere out of the "ginormous" size category. And to reiterate, if you have more than one pix0r, put it behind an lj-cut.

Don't know how to do an lj-cut? Click here.

5: Feel free to post ads for new sales or ebay items as you wish. Just remember to actually have sample images of what it is that you're selling/ebaying off.

6: This community is moderated by the iron fist of eevilyounggirl. Roar!